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In 2018, CERTIND establishes a proficiency testing body in compliance with the requirements of SR EN ISO/ CEI 17043:2010. The role of the testing body is to provide competency testing to help evaluate the quality of the test results, in collaboration with accredited laboratories.

In accordance with the requirements of the national accreditation body regarding the functioning of accredited testing laboratories, there is a requirement for their regular participation in proficiency testing schemes, which establishes the degree of confidence in the provided results.

Currently, in Romania, there are accredited a number of 7 bodies that provide competence tests, one for physical, chemical, mechanical tests and six for medical analyses. The small number of non-medical testing laboratories makes the supply of skills testing schemes inadequate. Under these circumstances, CERTIND has begun the process of accreditation for competence testing, to meet the market needs.

As a result, CERTIND - IC comes with a generous offer to support laboratories in the country and beyond, being one of the reliable suppliers in interpreting the results of tests performed in laboratories.

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